I informed the press and have an email trail that is long and includes notifications to Hawaii, Texas, and DC bar associations as well as major media outlets including the WSJ, CNN, local NY news, amongst others.

I think I will post the judgement and ignore the arguments and discussion of the case for now. The following was delivered to 42 W 44th Street and handed to a woman in a red dress, I think, who was Middle Eastern or Indian in descent. She was in recess from an arbitration meeting to the right inside the front door. Several people were talking and she identified herself as a member. I suppose it is reasonably possible she was not a member of the association and was only at the arbitration conference, but this notification was “legally” a nicety and not a necessity.

I did inform MANY of the judgement and posted it publicly and informed standard media and non-standard media and notified hundreds of people around NYC (subways, bars, restaurants, street corners, parks, etc.)

To date, I have not received any notice (email, phone, text, or in person) of a libel suit or anything other than silent treatment. Apparently they are in psychological “denial”. As a good psychologist might say, in any loss there are 4 stages of Grief, the first is denial, then bargaining, then something, then acceptance. Apparently all 24,000 lawyers in NYC are in denial.

Handwritten note to be delivered to 42 W 44th Street this afternoon by me, Andrew Bransford Brown:


RE: Andrew Bransford Brown vs. The Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

To Whom it May Concern:

I, Andrew Bransford Brown, have determined the following:

1. the lawyers refuse to defend themselves.
2. they must be guilty or protecting the guilty (or they would counter with libel or slander).
3. The verdict is GUILTY (acting Judge is me due to “no contest” in negotiations).
4. SENTENCE/DAMAGES are $4,000.00 each. All licensed lawyers. Students excepted.
5. I am open to settlement of lesser amounts if aggregated or preventing me from the hassle of filing a lien on personal property or real estate.
6. I hereby request a membership roster in both digital & paper format to assist in collections. Failure to comply with this request may result in additional collection fees on top of the $4,000.00 each. Email addresses, names, and physical addresses at a minimum. Phone #’s also.

The pain and suffering of filing 25,000 liens might be substantial.

Andrew Bransford Brown


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