Handwritten notes on the initiating lawsuit

First page:

Notice given in person at 42 W 44th St at 11am (or 12pm) Friday, Sept. 20th, 2013. Bret Parker introduced himself as managing director of the org. He had a bruised eyeball from a tennis accident.

No response until Monday at 4pm. Alan Rothstein pled “not guilty” and appointed himself the lawyer. I asked him for a list of alternatives and decided the court venue was not sufficient due to court officers being parties to the suit.

9/23/2013 4:30pm

Andrew B Brown (signature)

Back of 3rd page:

A summons was sent via email to Alan Rothstein to discuss venue, representation, and possible judiciary.

At 5:25pm I received an email rejection notice from arothstein@nycbar.org. Apparently his arrogance has resulted in ignoring my argument and lawsuit.

At 12:45pm today (Sept 24, 2013) I delivered notice to the defendant of the verdict of GUILTY with damages of $100 million ($4,000 each defendant (lawyer/member of association) x 25,000 members. Woman accepted notice. Red dress. Middle Eastern or Indian in an Arbitration conference during recess.

Note: phone number and email address are handwritten next to the Plaintiff’s name on the first page.


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