Default, Judgment, Initiating Complaint, and email discussions



Plaintiff/Creditor: Andrew Bransford Brown

1218 Hoe Avenue, #331

Bronx, New York 10459

(347) 360-2267


Defendant/Debtor: The Association of the Bar of the City of New York

(all living beings on the membership roster as of September 20th, 2013)


A Judgment was declared against the Defendant/Debtor on September 24, 2013. Notice of this Judgment was delivered to 42 W 44th Street at 12:45pm on the same day. It is currently past due and an 8% penalty has been applied to the initial amount.


Judgment amount: $4,000.00 (each member of The Association of the Bar of the City of New York)

plus 8%: 320.00


Total Due: $4,320.00 (each member of said association)


Additional penalties and interest will apply if this is not paid before October 14, 2013.


Note: As the allegations in the initiating lawsuit have not been disputed, guilt is assumed.


I would settle this matter civilly before some jurisdiction in the US decides to use the civil ruling as evidence in a criminal trial.



Andrew Bransford Brown


For a copy of the initiating complaint and judgment, please see:

A “Quick Links” summary has been provided.


FYI, cash payment in person is highly preferred at this time and might allow negotiations in both judgment and amount. Text me for time and place would work too. I am usually in midtown Manhattan.





Handwritten note delivered to 42 W 44th Street at 11:45am by me, Andrew Bransford Brown:

RE: Andrew Bransford Brown vs. The Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

To Whom it May Concern:

I, Andrew Bransford Brown, have determined the following:
1. the lawyers refuse to defend themselves.
2. they must be guilty or protecting the guilty (or they would counter with libel or slander).
3. The verdict is GUILTY (acting Judge is me due to “no contest” in negotiations).
4. SENTENCE/DAMAGES are $4,000.00 each. All licensed lawyers. Students excepted.
5. I am open to settlement of lesser amounts if aggregated or preventing me from the hassle of filing a lien on personal property or real estate.
6. I hereby request a membership roster in both digital & paper format to assist in collections. Failure to comply with this request may result in additional collection fees on top of the $4,000.00 each. Email addresses, names, and physical addresses at a minimum. Phone #’s also.

The pain and suffering of filing 25,000 liens might be substantial.

Andrew Bransford Brown



Supreme Court, Civil Branch, New York County

New York County Courthouse

60 Centre Street

New York, N.Y. 10007


Andrew Bransford Brown, an individual,






The Association of the Bar of the City of New York,

(unknown legal structure,

perhaps contractual organized within New York City)




Plaintiff, Andrew Bransford Brown, allege as follows:


On or about January 25, 1967 I had a trust fund whose custody was assumed by the legal organizational structure in the United States of America to include the Federal Government and all legal professionals in practice at that time. It is unknown whose custody it was placed under, however, a legal professional or professionals must have known of its existence and paperwork is hidden or buried (or destroyed) to prevent me from discovering its existence.


Since the time of my birth (January 25, 1967), in my search for my natural parents I discovered extraordinary circumstantial evidence that can be explained in no other way than one or more lawyers formed a conspiracy and failed to deliver paperwork informing me of my trust fund on or about my 18th birthday.


Background on Trust funds: Large, old-wealth trust funds frequently included arranged marriages or brides. While some see the monetary value in stealing the trust, others see the opportunity to avail themselves to the 100,000,000 women who were in my trust fund.


I assert the legal community at large was coerced or tempted into the rights of first perusal of those women which grew so large as to include the Federal Government and military. Some background understanding, Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII were bombed with nuclear weapons to threaten Japanese royalty into delivering their princesses according to trust funds that probably led to the trust fund in my father’s name. Those princesses were delivered to military personnel in the United States and never reached my father.


In my research, I located my natural mother, Kay Hudson Fiset (Hudson maiden name) inSyracuse, NY. Her father was Keith Hudson (Thousand Oaks, California resident). She and his Japanese wife were co-trustees on his estate. It was put into probate and I have not seen the documents. He died at the age of 97 or 98 about 2 years ago. My estimation is that trust will provide clues to my paternal trust.


As the de-facto bar association of the City of New York, the Defendant has a fiduciary obligation to the public at large to maintain ethics and standards of its members. It is my estimation that one or more lawyers in said association have factual knowledge of some or all of the above.




Andrew Bransford Brown, an individual born in Honolulu, Hawaii on January 25, 1967 and currently residing at 1218 Hoe Avenue #331, Bronx, NY 10459 (a homeless shelter). Andrew was adopted at 6 days old by Colonel Joseph Brown III (MD) and his blind wife Suzanne Hoskins Brown of Charlottesville, VA (currently residing in Atlanta, GA). Apparent natural mother is Kay Hudson Fiset of Charlottesville, VA (currently residing in Syracuse, NY). Note: it is possible Kay Hudson Fiset was a surrogate in an ovum donation. My intuition and experience indicates either a Ford or Hilton was the ovum donor in 1966, however, I have no tangible proof of that. (Plaintiff)


The Association of the Bar of the City of New York, a voluntary association of lawyers and students with unknown legal structure, apparently organized under the laws of New York City. The association headquarters is located at 42 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036. (Defendant)


Factual Background


My current situation is I have been forced into poverty and am living in a homeless shelter at 1218 Hoe Avenue, Bronx, NY 10459.


My assets are $0, my liabilities are< $5,000 in credit card and other debts.


My last job was a valet parking attendant at the Marriott in Times Square (Central Parking was the employer). I was fired from that job when I complained about being placed in a dingy garage running dispatch without break and without relief and without allowing time for dinner with no windows and running inventory on their computer for 8+ hours at a time. I also complained the tip pool at the Marriott desk was being raided and I was receiving $5-9 for each 8 hour shift. I was originally hired as a valet attendant who greeted customers and was fine in that job, but they forced me into a garage outside of public view. Note: I am blonde, blue eyes, tall and fit, well groomed and very presentable.


Prior to Central Parking, I was working at Genpact (on assignment to Morgan Stanley) as Morgan Stanley’s lead software architect for their wealth management CRM. I designed the architecture and authentication system that I termed “Fingerprint Touch”logon. Essentially it is an identity-theft proof way of authenticating a human being on their phone. I informed senior management of Genpact of the patentability of the technology. After no response, I hand-wrote a description of the technology along with some intellectual property law recommendations and requested a meeting with an IP lawyer and computer security personnel at Morgan Stanley to discuss its viability. At 6am approximately 3 months ago I distributed a copy of that handwritten note to every cubicle and office on the 10th floor at One New York Plaza on Water Street, NY. As all personnel on that floor had the same security clearance and the handwritten note never left the floor, I did not feel this was in any way a security breach. It was simply a memo to the team of my status on the project. I was scolded by Genpact human resources and a day later received a call from the sales guy (not my boss) while he was in London who fired me on the phone. Two days later I was forcibly evicted from my quasi-legal sublet on 42nd street between 9th and 10thavenues. (a very nice concierge-type luxury building.)


I have heard through the grapevine, but do not have tangible evidence that my allowance was set to $0 about 6 years ago. Prior to that, my allowance had been $100,000 per year, however, I had to work for that allowance because the thieves who stole my trust fund did not want me to learn of its existence.


What can I prove?


1. Extreme competence at a world-class level in nearly any field of endeavor or subject-matter to include physics, monetary science, psychology, philosophy, linguistics, mathematics, accounting, and computer science and software development and databases and security.

2. Total income of much less than $100,000 per year despite the above competencies with proof of extraordinary efforts and successes beyond measure.

3. An unexplained “silent treatment” from American females (no dates or conversations or eye contact from girlfriend or marriage-quality females in my 46 years of life).

4. An unexplained “silent treatment” from the Federal government, including the White House, CIA, military branches, Congress, and various Federal offices. I can provide an email and fax trail that is unexplainable to any reasonable person of why there was no response.

5. An unexplained “silent treatment” and attack from the IRS that resulted in a fraudulent tax lien filed in Maricopa County without a property address (I never owned property in Maricopa County, so how can they file a tax lien on potential property ownership?). Further, the tax lien was a result of a fraudulent 1099 where the IRS asserted gross amount as income and refused to consider cost basis of stock purchases, although brokerage statements were provided via fax and certified mail to multiple IRS offices around the country.


What do I want?


A copy of my trust fund document as a historical document for my family records. As the trust fund has been depleted in its entirety, I would simply like to know what happened.


The personal assets of the lawyers who did this to me and for them to be publicly and civilly stripped of all assets and personal contacts and acquaintances and placed into either a permanent homeless shelter with no cash or assets (food and water only) OR a public physical torture cube, depending on the civil or criminal proof that is discovered.


Due to my extreme poverty I request an expedited proceeding. The soup kitchen food and living amongst homeless is highly debilitating. My formerly nice clothes are taking a toll when following homeless people in the laundry.


I would like to request a small stipend/allowance while the suit is underway so I can afford to do laundry and buy some laundry detergent and I would also like to sit quietly in a bar this weekend and have a beer or two and buy some Backwoods smokes. Perhaps I might be allowed food outside the soup kitchen. An allowance of $1,500/month while the suit is underway is requested. I might also have printing, postage, and recording fees to pay that I cannot afford at this time.


Also see for copy of the same.






Andrew Brown <>


“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
Eileen Travis <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
Arlene Bein <>,
“” <>,
“” <>,
“” <>


Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 2:37 PM


Procedure vs. Legal





The purpose of this summons to a meeting is simply to begin discussions on:


1. venue

2. judiciary

3. representation


Hardly is your procedural allotment of 20-30 days required. Potential answers to the above questions:


1. a public park, the steps of the Mid-Manhattan Libary, a local law school trail room

2. a 2nd or 3rd year law student or students, the media, any person of sound mind

3. due the certain guilt of certain members of your organization, I recommend the client/attorney secrecy be maintained by the hopefully few and a 2nd or 3rd year law student might not be guilty of anything and can adequately represent your organization in all proceedings.



Andrew Bransford Brown

917 653 7781


Legal issues for you to review prior to our next meeting will be:


– your organizational structure in 1870 (I think it was 1870). Your organization was created in response to rampant judicial corruption.

– 14th Amendment

– 1913 creation of the Federal Reserve

– slavery and female suffrage/ownership

– constitutional law vs. contractual law


My background in the above subjects include:

– 2 years of Latin

– 12 years of monetary science self-study

– 7 months off Title 26 study (average 10 hours per day)


Note, the above background is non-inclusive and includes history of the relevant times.


An INTJ (if you know what that refers to), would not be able to keep up, but would be doing most of the talking.


To avoid ambiguity. An email does not constitute a “meeting” although is sufficent for notice and summons to such.


Imagine a question coming up during sentencing/damages discussion in front of a jury:


“Did the defendant really require 20-30 days to locate one lawyer amongst 24,000 who wasn’t busy to simply talk about venue, potential judge(s), and appropriate representation? Those items were not necessarily to be decided during the initial meeting nor was any discovery or research required. The purpose of the meeting was simply to begin a discussion on the parameters of such.” Further, where was the plaintiff during these 20-30 days while the defendants sat and drank cognac (as they mock laugh at the audacity!)? Oh. He was sitting in a homeless shelter, wandering around the city, eating in a soup kitchen. So… back to the damages/sentencing discussions.


As the attorney for the defense, might I remind the defendants, that Andrew Bransford Brown is a well-dressed, well-groomed, blonde, blue-eyed, 6’, 175 lb male who might pass for Prince William’s cousin in body language, appearance, manner, and education. IE. he is of higher class and distinction than most any of the defendants.


A juror thinks to themself: “so these guys were sitting around in veritable castles, throwing parties, and banging all these girls the whole time!!!???” And ignored the obviousness that Andrew Bransford Brown is a prince or something and they shoved him in a homeless shelter (just like they made ME poor my whole life!) My GOD, Andrew Bransford Brown solved physics and energy and monetary science and how to clean the world of pollution! This world could have been wonderful place!!! Those goddamned lawyers are going to PAY.”


As the arguments ensue inside the defendants’ minds… well, we ignore him… make sure he doesn’t get to the media… we’ll buy off the population with the last remaining hot chicks… what are we going to do? hire a killer or something! one says. the other is arrogantly confident and believes the military’s mind molestation equipment will save the day. We must BUY TIME! another says. How do we delay and impede? What can we do? “Silent treatment”.


BUT, a wise one interrupts! His emails are part of the record!


Logic dictates: The membership of The Association of the Bar of the City of New York must be informed of the suit!


Andrew is homeless! reminds one of the lawyers. He has all DAY!


He is going to walk that suit to every lawyer’s office in Manhattan!


He has nothing to do! He is well dressed. He does NOT LOOK homeless. He can get into buildings and pass security. He looks RICH! I did not know that. Yes, Bret forgot to mention that he looks like he’d be a member of my country club!


NO!!! That cannot be the CASE! He is HOMELESS!!!


Might I remind you, counselor, one of his recent positions was at Genpact/Morgan Stanley as their lead software architect. He is not your average homeless.


Is Andrew insane? NO.


Andrew is simply highly intelligent, highly educated, and very good at looking at other people’s perspectives. I am also highly amusing. And currently bored.


I am a trust fund victim whose parents went on vacation for years at a time while I wandered around empty mansions my whole life and the population ignored me because they were jealous of my wealth. So I have learned to amuse myself.


Is this a story? NO.


Is this a script? NO.


Is this a publicity stunt? NO.


Is this a joke? NO.


This is VERY REAL. I simply know how to keep things civil and mildly amusing while fully aware of the seriousness of the matter.


Oh… for the lawyers on the “letter of the law”, the sentence:


“I am a trust fund victim whose parents went on vacation for years at a time while I wandered around empty mansions my whole life and the population ignored me because they were jealous of my wealth.”


should have read


“I am [similar to] a trust fund victim whose parents went on vacation for years at a time while I wandered around empty mansions my whole life and the population ignored me because they were jealous of my wealth.”


From Alan Rothstein, in response to the above series of emails on Sep 23, 2013:

We have received your emails including the complaint you sent. We believe the case is without merit and we will respond accordingly to any legal action through the court process. We will not be providing you with any funds, as you call for in your email. We do not intend to communicate with yououtside of the process established by the courts and we ask you not to contact any of our staff goingforward.

Andrew Bransford Brown to list as above (including Alan Rothstein) on Sep 23, 2013:

Because the court’s officers are DEFENDANTS in this lawsuit, that is not good venue.


As for the “case is without merit” phrase: I would expect nothing other from the defendant to say, “not guilty”.


I began receiving, “Mail Delivery”problems as the emails were rejected one by one.


Last email before receiving Mail Delivery problem from Alan Rothstein.This email was sent from Andrew Bransford Brown:

Thinking of this further, I will need to know your list of suggested representatives. As General Counsel, you are the initiating contact, however, it is not your job to represent your organization in this suit.


Andrew Bransford Brown continues sending while the organization blocks each email address one by one:


As I said earlier, I set sufficient time for you to locate representation (a representative) from your organization to begin discussions on venue for these proceedings.


Who shall I speak with from your organization going further?


I will remind General Counsel, the choice of representation is a point of discussion and must be agreed to by BOTH parties of the suit.




I do not wish to go to the sheriff or precinct tomorrow or to figure out how to have them issue a “FAILURE TO APPEAR” notice or warrant. I am in my legal and lawful right to do EXACTLY what I am doing.


You are NOT to argue the merits of the case. You are NOT the attorney on this case. You are the General Counsel for the organization who is refusing to acknowledge or respond to my civil request to speak with an appointed representative. As you seem to view this lawsuit as frivolous, I am asking for a list of suggestions since your judgement appears to be clouded.


Also, I will remind the defendants, that The Association of the Bar of the City of New York is an “association”. An “association” is a group of corporeal beings. It is not a piece of paper. It is not a sue-able entity. So I suggest to General Counsel that all members of your association be noticed and informed of the lawsuit.


I do not wish to do so one at a time.


FYI, I have not looked up the legal on this, however in layman’s language:


The Constitution is a non-contractual obligation to the public at large. The foundations of such are based on the Oath, general agreement on the spirit and letter of the Constitutional document and must be maintained by the reputation and actions of its members. The Constitutional obligation is to the public. In a similar way, your Association is composed of members with the ostensible obligation and implied promise (fiduciary responsibility) to maintain law. If the actions of its members do not live up to their reputations, the Association is a fraud.


Within the dues agreement there will be language to the above. Also, to the layman, the term “bar association” or “member of the bar” is of high standing. To maintain the image and reputation of the association, an internal clean-up must ensue. That could take years.


I reiterate my request for a small stipend while this very LONG lawsuit ensues. This will likely take years.



Andrew Bransford Brown


PS. In the meantime, many of your lawyers are going to get very rich.


Yes Alan,


You will have to change your image of me. To reduce your arrogance, please see me as having a JD/MBA from Columbia or Brown with 15 years of experience in legal and business battles.


This should not be a battle between your organization and me. This is an amicable suit. Please do not force me to have you arrested for FAILURE TO APPEAR. Note: the failure to appear notice will be served to you personally, because apparently you are not going to delegate the task.


I do request a representative from your association who is less argumentative, however, I am more than capable of annoyingly handling arrogant lawyers like you.


To fast forward for you:


I assert that I am likely the rightful heir to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation that was given a monopoly to print money and make a market for Treasury bonds by an act signed into law in 1913.


That might explain my true target. Stop seeing yourself as my enemy or me as yours.


FYI, I know how to fix that central bank.


Essentially, the lawsuit from your personal perspective is finding me a referral within your association to represent me in battles outside your organization while a wealth management trust issue is resolved via my lawsuit on your organization. Complex sentence there, but I think you get the gist.


The boundary between civil and criminal….

Failure to respond to a summons results in a civil trial becoming a criminal trail.


Please see one of my clauses in the “What do I want?” section. I am reattaching the suit, just in case you threw it in the trash bin as a joke.


Inclusions:Passport and Initiating lawsuit.



The US does not support ownership of human beings as property. However, other jurisdictions DO. Trust funds sometimes arrange wives or girlfriends or dates. So trust fund enforcement of people-trafficking in the US is illegal. However, delivery of other property is not illegal.



Andrew Bransford Brown

917 653 7781

1218 Hoe Avenue, #331

Bronx, NY, 10459

(currently homeless due to the above legal issue)



Apparently your “” email address is no longer operational. It apparently WAS operational earlier today and Friday.


Not sure what technical difficulty your organization might be having.


Andrew Bransford Brown vs. All Lawyers in NYC

As all lawyers in NYC are DEFENDANTS in this suit, the existing venue known as the County Courthouse is neither fair nor impartial. All the Judges are DEFENDANTS!


So, I suggest we arrange a time and place to discuss venue, representation, and fair and impartial “judge”. I surmise that is what is termed a SUMMONS in legal parlance.


Barring a phone call from your organization’s membership roster to arrange an earlier time and place today, might I suggest the LATEST time for this meeting today to occur at 1218 Hoe Avenue at 9pm (in front of the building, outside on the sidewalk). My curfew is at 10pm, so the meeting will be limited to 1 hour.



Andrew Bransford Brown

917 653 7781


Legal advice for the defense.RE: Andrew Bransford Brown vs. all lawyers in NYC


aka The Association of the Bar of the City of New York:


If you personally are unable to respond to the summons, might I suggest informing your entire membership roster of the lawsuit?


I do not know local procedure in NYC yet. I will look it up. I will be informing your local precinct of the possibility of your refusal to respond to the summons.


“Failure to appear”.


Serious recommendations for the defense:


This suit is actually VERY good for the reputation of both your organization AND its members.


Remedying my situation with a paltry $1,500/month while the lawsuit continues and is publicized is a bargain in marketing.


I do recommend a press release be issued. Simply state the facts and do not worry about the consequences.


“Homeless man sues all the lawyers in NYC for failure to deliver his trust fund!!!” That would be an interesting headline.


You must remember, I literally do have a patent application that cleans up oceans. I have studied physics and chemistry and CAN talk with ANY phd in those fields at a high-competence level. The approach described in that patent is valid and viable and doable.


The end result will be the NYC Bar will be enormously prestigious and lawyers from around the country will join and move to be a part of it.



Andrew Bransford Brown

917 653 7781


For supporting evidence of the initial suit, see:

1.– Public spec for monetary transactions. Solves monetary science.

2. “Trapping Discrete Particles in Fluids” – Cleaning the world’s oceans. One particle at a time.


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