Well, not one lawyer has admitted or acknowledged or done anything but silent treatment me.

As of today each lawyer in NYC owes me $4,320. After some thought last night and this morning:

This civil verdict CAN be used as evidence of GUILT in a criminal proceeding. In fact, if a judge in Corpus Christi or something decided to, they could take a look at the documentation, judgement and initiating lawsuit and write up a conviction for “conspiracy” or “complicit negligence resulting…” and sentence EACH of the 24k members of the bar to 8-10 years in prison. Then issue a warrant for their arrest. Then a marshal can fly up and arrest each and every NYC lawyer and toss them in prison. Sight unseen.

“Are you a member of the NYC bar association?” Yes. Ok, “You’re coming with me.” Handcuffed and hop on the next plane to prison.

How long will it take for a smart judge or prosecutor to figure this out?


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