Reorganizing science

Theoretical Physics

—Molecular dynamics (magnets and molecules)
—Chemistry (destroy one thing to create another)

Life science
—Biology (cell growth and divisions, not arbitrary classifications)
—Behavioral science
——Economics (monetary science)
——Traumology (study and resolution of trauma)

A few basic principles:
1. light is a fluid (shadows are illuminated by eddies of light)
2. gravity is a vacuum (Eg. ferrous iron)
3. magnetism is gravity
4. you can split apart molecules and remove electrons using electromagnetic waves
5. consciousness is a fluid
6. zero is not a number (mathematics is a symbolic representation of reality and not reality itself. IE. largely mental masturbation)
7. E=mc2 shows a valid relationship, but the equation is not correct. The speed of light is not constant and he forgot about time.

The science of Thermodynamics is not a set of laws. That set of laws will be known as “general tendencies of fluids”. Thermodynamics is a new science studying the interaction of fluids (moving particles). Molecular dynamics is a sub-science which replaces “nano-technology”. Chaos theory? Forget about it. That’s a silly way to model stuff in a computer. Represent light as a fluid and you’ll get some more accurate weather prediction.

See below for my patent on “Trapping discrete particles in fluids”.


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