A little over one year ago I figured out how gravity works: Imagine a particle. Now open up the particle and get all the stuff out of it and close it back up. What’s inside? It’s not matter, so it has anti-matter inside with a huge vacuum. That’s gravity on the small scale like a hydrogen atom.

Now, imagine the sun with some iron in it. Iron boils and creates a big bubble of iron. That’s the core of the earth; filled with anti-matter. Iron is a ferous material like a sponge too.


3 Responses to “Gravity”

  1. keihatsu1 Says:

    Anonymous said…
    It’s spelled ferrous.

  2. keihatsu1 Says:

    I shouldn’t have said “anti-matter”. “Anti-matter” connotes a substance, but in reality it is nothing whatsoever.

    Also… my theory is gravity and consciousness are linked.

    The test for humans: see if we can pull out that little piece of matter inside some hydrogen atoms without blowing them up in particle accelerators.

    That’s the path to finding God.

  3. keihatsu1 Says:

    FYI, be careful about assuming any particular definition of “God”.

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