Global solution for money

Search for keihatsu’s posts on this thread. Describes a global monetary solution that transforms economics and politics:

Edited 1/27/2010:
Looks like they deleted the last 3 pages of that thread. I posted the full solution to the monetary system along with an equation that represents human interactions.

Communication * Performance
_______________________ = Trust

The above equation is not yet complete, but does include the idea of the individual and conscious choice as well as time’s linearity. It describes the interaction of two or more individuals. In reference to money, the equation can be stated as: “Communication of performance over time is trust”. Although trust is not the only solution to the equation. The success or recognition of the individual is defined by the communication of their performance over time.



2 Responses to “Global solution for money”

  1. keihatsu1 Says:

    FYI, one of the most important elements of that system is the distinct separation of roles. ealth translators to wealth storages to promise assurers. Notice how assurance changes the entire nature of the insurance business.

  2. keihatsu1 Says:

    I checked GIM today (9/13/2009) and saw they DELETED my posts. I had posted the FULL description of the monetary system as well as detailed examples of how to implement it in a way that was totally seamless with today’s systems and brings competition to money. They ALSO changed the posting dates to January 2008. I am pretty damned sure I posted ALL of that around July 2007. IE. someone STOLE my idea. The idea is a general framework that enables ANY form of value to be used as money and can be decided by the individual participants of the transaction. IE. IT WORKS WITH ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE THAT MIGHT BE CONSIDERED SOMETHING OF VALUE.

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